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Retail Software Features
Distribution Software Features
Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing Software

Appropriate for warehouse and distribution businesses of all sizes from across all vertical sectors, our portfolio of industry solutions enables you to improve delivery performance while reducing costs and reformation processes, providing clear visibility across the business and wider supply chain.

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ERP Solution

Payroll Software

Payroll Software Product is the calculation of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a definite period of time. Payroll plays a main role in a company for several reasons.

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Payroll Software

Integrated Retail Software Solution from Production to POS


Dbest Software is particularly suited to " fashion and lifestyle goods production ". Both contract and in-house manufacturing are managed.

Wholesale & Distribution
Wholesale & Distribution

Trade through all channels like Distributors, Franchisees, Shop-in-Shops and Online Marketplaces with the state-of-the-art allocation and trade element.

Retail and POS
Retail and POS

Your retail network spreads broad but you don't need an army to manage it. We manages policies, promotions, discounts, coupons and more - all from just one place.


Dbest Software allows you to trade online with minimum commotion - both on e-commerce marketplaces and on your own site.

Mutual Commerce
Mutual Commerce

When a customer on a large e-commerce platform issues a search query, they are hectic with thousands of appropriate options. At first glance, it may seem that these search results are simply a ranked list of individual products.

Website Designing
Website Designing

We are the best website designing & development company in Delhi. We are providing web development and website maintenance services using very latest technologies while designing your website.

Mobile App Development

Dbest Software provides elastic & Customized Solutions for Mobile App Development. Our Android app Development team work with latest technologies to develop the Mobile Applications.

Purchase & Sale
Purchase & Sale Assert

We have developed a new feature "Claims & Statements". With the help of this valuable feature, the user can keep the track of the benefits of the allege against the purchases which is being done.

Enhancing Customer Occurrence
Through Digital Transformation

Dbest Software includes a creative bunch of charms who are providing in-depth knowledge on Software product, its utility & features of the software for different domains. The videos give a clear understanding of how to use the software in day to day Business activities.

Dbest Software incorporated Mobile Apps

Mobile Store App

Mobile Store Retail App

Mobile Retail is a cloud-based Android Mobile App solution designed particularly for Retail Chains & Stores (C&F’s stores, retailers working in sales and product ordering), which automates the order process without involving the need for manual involvement.

Dbest Retail Mobile App help retailers in placing orders to their suppliers, track their short supplies & offers, stock rate, schemes, outstanding & invoices all at one place with much ease. Also, retailers can put in products in the cart for future purchases for their clients.

Features of Mobile Retail app

  • Placing order: Put orders to your nearby/registered suppliers anytime anywhere
  • Order Tracking & Dispatches: Track the status of orders placed, bills generated, dispatches & short supplies
  • Stock: View and compare multiple distributor stock rate, deals, & schemes to your relevant domain
  • Invoices: Check invoices from all your distributors, vendors, staffs at one place
  • Ledger: Checkout ledger balance, outstanding & PDC
  • Tax Summary: Get Tax Statement Reconciliation & Summaries
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Grocery Store App

Grocery Store App

Grocery Store App is a retail store billing app for Small Business Owners and Consumers. It can be used for anything from grocery store to fashion store to apparel store and you name it!

What can grocery store App do?

  • Barcode scanner: Add items to cart instantly with integrated bluetooth barcode scanners
  • Scan barcode with camera: Cut down costs on peripherals, make bills in few seconds using integral camera barcode scanner
  • Reports: Measure service levels by measuring detailed report of bills orders, payment with custom date filters
  • Instant printing: Print bills on-the-go with bluetooth printers or take bill print from current POS printers
  • Offline billing: Make bills offline and sync it later
  • Payment collection: Make bills offline and sync it later
  • Payment collection: Collect payments through cash or cheque and keep in track of accounts & receivables
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Nail Art App

Custom Nail Art App

Custom Nail Art manicure App is the addictive fun new nail art app game that bringing eye-catching styles to your fingertips! Create nail designs with hundreds of extraordinary colors, beauty patterns, and decals. It's manicure magic for girls who love style and nail games!

Make up your own sole nail styles or choose from cute one-touch looks. A game for girls to manicure your nails in a fun new way. Now you can experiment with new nail designs quickly and easily without the bother of nail polish remover.

The features of custom nail art app

  • Create the nail designs you’ve always wanted!
  • Dozens of options to choose from
  • No salon bill, mess or waiting for nails to dry!
  • So many options equals lots of playtime!
  • Use the touch screen to choose your favorite option!
  • Observe the options to select your favorite choice!
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Tailoring App

Tailor Master App

Tailor master application is particularly created for Tailor’s who want to use customer register in android mobile instead of physical register books.The application gives an easy way to cooperate with customer detail.

This app is very valuable to keep all the recorded of customer in just in your bag, so every time when customer comes you just press button and show recorded.

Features of tailor master app which makes it broadly accepted

  • Easy to use
  • Customer: Add / Modify / Delete / Call
  • Cloth: Add / Modify / Delete. Cloth types example: Shirt, Pent, Coat, etc.
  • Cloth Detail: Pocket, Collar, Sleeve, other details to input
  • Measurement: Body parts measurement in inches with pictures
  • BMI (Body mass index): Pictures of 7 types of the body structure of customer
  • Details of each cloth are separated from each cloth
  • Backup will be taken after an hour of application opened
Footwear App

Shoes Store App

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, our varied product range in app will support you to train and improve in your chosen sport or activity. We stock over 800 brands from Nike, adidas and Puma to Slazenger, Lonsdale and Karrimor, ensuring we've got just what you need for every level of every sport. We also show off a wide range of fashion and lifestyle brands for all the family so no matter what you're looking for, we've got it enclosed.

Shoes store app has some remarkable features

  • Shop as One : Use the login details we have given you, your basket is synced too so you can shop across devices.
  • Keep in the loop with push notifications : New products just in that you're going to love!
  • Personalisation in the app
  • Store locator: Search for your closest store, wherever you are!
  • My loves: Save your favorite items so you can show them off, purchase them later
Dbest Reporting App

Dbest Reporting App

We deliver professional reports and populating data into company "standard forms" for businesses through this reporting app. Collect data using Dbest mobile app and present the data using Word or PDF. Message forms out to staff, track when they admit the assignment, and notify or re-assign jobs before due dates arrive. So Keeping track of the work is growth helps companies manage field agents for on-time delivery.

Benefits of Dbest Reporting App

  • Get Data Collection in Minutes !
  • Change Paper into a Mobile Forms
  • Protected Cloud Database System
  • White label the System
  • Offline as well as Online Mobile Data Collection apps
  • Download Reports of Software
  • Dispatch and Activity Tracking
  • SMS Gateway

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