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Basic Concept of GST

GST Stands for Good and Services Tax that is an essential rule for India. GST is one indirect tax for the entire nation, which will make India one integrate common market. GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services, right from the manufacturer to the consumer.GST is a single indirect tax that combines various indirect taxes as Service tax, Central Excise tax, customs tax, VAT tax etc.

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GST Registration Process

Businesses with annual turnover more than Rs. 10 Lakhs in special states and Rs. 20 Lakhs in other states are eligible for GST registration. The business proprietary officer is supposed to apply for GST registration within the first 30 days of eligibility.

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GST Composition Scheme

GST Composition Scheme has been introduced to reduce the compliance burden for the small businesses in India. Any person opting this particular scheme will pay taxes at prescribed reduced rates on the basis of their business turnover. Such a system assures greater compliance ease without the load of maintaining elaborate tax records.

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File Your GST Returns

Every person registered under the GST Act has to periodically furnish the details of sales and purchases along with tax collected and paid thereon, respectively, by filing online returns. Before filing the return, payment of tax due is compulsory otherwise such return will be invalid.

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Reverse Charge under GST

The supplier of Goods generally pays the Tax on supply but on occasion when the reciever/ purchaser becomes liable to pay taxes, such a condition is termed as reverse charge. The concept of reverse charge under GST came into force to increase tax compliance and tax revenues. The earlier taxation system was unable to collect service tax from various unorganized sectors like goods, transport etc.

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GST Invoice Format

GST Invoice is required to be issued as it is a document evidencing supply of goods and services which become the basis for a charge of tax. Invoicing forms a crucial function when it comes to the purpose of execution of a transaction. On every sale/purchase, an invoice is issued by the supplier i.e. the person who is making the sale.

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