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Tailor Master App

Tailor master application is particularly created for Tailor’s
who want to use customer register in android mobile instead of physical register books.
The application gives an easy way to cooperate with customer detail.
This app is very valuable to keep all the recorded of customer in just in your bag,
so every time when customer comes you just press button and show recorded.

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Mobile Store App

Mobile Store Retail App

Mobile Retail is a cloud-based Android Mobile App solution designed particularly for Retail Chains & Stores (C&F’s stores, retailers working in sales and product ordering), which automates the order process without involving the need for manual involvement.

Dbest Retail Mobile App help retailers in placing orders to their suppliers, track their short supplies & offers, stock rate, schemes, outstanding & invoices all at one place with much ease. Also, retailers can put in products in the cart for future purchases for their clients.

Features of Mobile Retail app

  • Placing order: Put orders to your nearby/registered suppliers anytime anywhere
  • Order Tracking & Dispatches: Track the status of orders placed, bills generated, dispatches & short supplies
  • Stock: View and compare multiple distributor stock rate, deals, & schemes to your relevant domain
  • Invoices: Check invoices from all your distributors, vendors, staffs at one place
  • Ledger: Checkout ledger balance, outstanding & PDC
  • Tax Summary: Get Tax Statement Reconciliation & Summaries
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Nail Art App

Custom Nail Art App

Custom Nail Art manicure App is the addictive fun new nail art app game that bringing eye-catching styles to your fingertips! Create nail designs with hundreds of extraordinary colors, beauty patterns, and decals. It's manicure magic for girls who love style and nail games!

Make up your own sole nail styles or choose from cute one-touch looks. A game for girls to manicure your nails in a fun new way. Now you can experiment with new nail designs quickly and easily without the bother of nail polish remover.

The features of custom nail art app

  • Create the nail designs you’ve always wanted!
  • Dozens of options to choose from
  • No salon bill, mess or waiting for nails to dry!
  • So many options equals lots of playtime!
  • Use the touch screen to choose your favorite option!
  • Observe the options to select your favorite choice!
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